Saturday, November 23, 2013

So proud I could bust

I am so proud of our young folks. Today 6 of them showed up for visitation and braved the sub zero temperatures and went on a grueling mission of knocking on many doors inviting people to Church. We visited most of the south side of Rolla and several streets on the north side until it just got too cold to be out. Afterward we went back to the Church and they volunteered to help me set up for the meal tomorrow. (Actually they didn’t have a choice as I wouldn’t take them home). In reality they wanted to help and then I bought them all pizza using Isaacs money. I was prepared to buy it but Isaac wanted to so thank you Isaac. We are looking forward to the Thanksgiving service and hopefully visitors will show up. My wife and I were out visiting until 6:00pm. On our way home we stopped to get gas and a man in a van pulled up and asked me about the Church. He saw the sign on the side of the van. I told him what he wanted to know and told him about the meal tomorrow and they said they will try to come. I am grateful to all those that are working on preparing the meal. It looks like it will be another good one. Lord willing I am preaching on “What if I didn’t have anything to be thankful for”? See you all in the morning.

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