Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Young Adult Activity

Hopefully there will be a Young Adult Activity this Saturday Night at the Church at 6:00pm. I don't know much about what is happening at the activity but I do know they are having pizza. Thats about the time I will show up to check on things. We are expecting a winter storm at the end of the week so hopefully it will be over by then and we can get cleaned up in time for the activity. NO CANCELLATION as of right now. If you know of some college and career age folks gather them up and bring them along. It is a new ministry we have been trying to get going since our Dedication service but bad weather and sickness has delayed it. This will be the initial  kick off and it will get more and more exciting as we go along. Matt and Krista are heading up this ministry. We are fortunate that they are able to come on the weekends and help us in this ministry as well as the music ministry.


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