Sunday, February 17, 2013

Church Ministries

I am excited about the things going on in our Church right now. Our choir is doing wonderful and sounds amazing. Matt and Krista are  doing a wonderful job and the choir members are faithful and dedicated to having a great choir that uplifts the Lord and blesses the congregation. Thank you choir. Our internet ministry is taking off as well. I started this just as a means for people that can't get to Church in the winter due to bad weather to be able to listen in on the service. I wasn't intending to carry it on when everyone could get to Church. However tonight, even though everyone was there that is usually there on Sunday night, and even a few more, we still had 9 viewers. I don't know who the were but I do know that there are occasional listeners from Georgia to California. It still doesn't take the place of being in Church but for those that can't get to Church I hope it is a blessing to them although they could tune in to someone else preaching and probably get a much better message. John is doing a great job keeping it going. We were having trouble with it dropping the video but John took over starting it up and monitoring it and we haven't had any more problems with it. I am proud on that young man for wanting to get involved in the  Church and doing what he does. Even if he does give me a hard time for being stuck in the 20th century. During the sickness and bad weather we have had over the past couple of months our visitation program had all but diminished completely. I do know that we did the best we could with the conditions we had. Our Church still grew during that time though. Yesterday we had several come out for visitation and the Bennetts cleaned up the Church. Thank you so much for that. This morning the Devil was out to stop us but everyone resisted him and we carried on. The Bennetts lost electricity at home and didn't get here until Church time and missed Sunday School. I went to pick up people on the van and got stuck in a snow bank and attacked by a dog. The dog didn't bite me though and we had a good day. I hope everyone has a good week.


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