Thursday, June 28, 2012


Saturday is the annual parade in Rolla. This is a time when hundreds of people will be in Rolla for the parade and the festivities. We will be passing out tracts on this day. We need to meet at the Church at 11:00am Saturday morning to get organized and go  out from there. Jenny has ordered some shirts with the Church name on them and also I believe John 3:16. We need to pray the rest of the week that the Lord will bless our efforts and someone will get a tract and read it and get saved. I hope all will be able to be there. I believe this to be one of the most important days of the year to be a witness to our community. We can accomplish in just a couple of hours what it would take us a year or two to do on our regular visitation days. If you can come out and help us that would be great. I can think of nothing more important that I would rather be doing than this. I appreciate the ones who are planning on coming. I know some will have to work and can't be here but for those who have nothing better to do this would be something that would please the Lord and accomplish much for the cause of Christ. See you on Saturday.

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